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In the Austin TX area the Hobbs are your #1 Window Shade Screen installers

"These are a few of the MANY REVIEWS that
we have
RECEIVED BY  MAIL from our happy
AUSTIN TX TEXAS solar scrEen customers"

On our www.JoshHobbs.com website we have a page title CUSTOMER VIDEO REVIEWS that is full of customer video testimonials like the one above from our pleased solar screen customers.

Wonderful job !  Very nice appearance & the rooms are SOOO - much cooler !  Thank goodness!  I will recommend you to everyone !
Troy & Rebecca Richlifa, Austin, TX  [re: 43]

Great service. 
Well organized. 
The windows look good and the price was right.
Thanks, Armando Ruiz, Austin, TX [re: 48]

Very Pleased - - with the solar screens and the ease of ordering, and the whole process !  Thanks!
The Simpsons, Round Rock, TX [ re: 49]

Thanks for making the process so easy.  
Thanks Lolita & Al Bopp, Georgetown, TX [re: 97]

A quick and professional job-a pleasure working with a good company. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
ĖDon Moore  [re: 109]

Great Service!  Great product!  Great installation!  Great people!  Great experience! 
Thanks, Paul Smith, 4903 Black Angus Cove [re:  112]

The service and product are top quality thank you!  Price was the highest of 4 companies we looked at, but I think your background and company speaks for itself. 
Travis Reid - Cedar Park, Texas [re: 119]

Thank you so much for the beautiful solar screens! 
Everything turned out so nice!
My husband and I are very pleased! 
Angela Everett - Lakeway, Texas [re: 125]

The screens look great.  My wife would like to have the front striped!  Round Rock, Texas [re: 113]

Thanks! Screens look great-process was easy. 
Will highly recommend. 
Jan Chapman - Pflugerville, TX [re: 114]

On our www.JoshHobbs.com website you can read through 100s of complimentary reviews just like these.

We have been living in Round Rock, Texas for approximately 15 years. We love the weather, the people, and pretty much everything about living in Texas. There is one thing, however, that makes us cringe come every summer: our electric bill.  Our recent decision to move into a new home in a newer subdivision in Round Rock with very few trees meant our house was devoid of any natural shade. I tried using window shades to keep the heat down in the intense summer months, but nothing seemed to help. Finally after burning through the wallet, throwing money in the direction of TXU Energy (our utility provider), I asked around the neighborhood and desperately searched online for a solution.

I didnít find trees that would grow to ten feet overnight, but I did find the next best thing: solar screens from JoshHobbs.com that provide shade for my windows up to 90%. After looking through the website, I called up Josh Hobbs and asked him a few questions. Mr Hobbs was very cordial and considerate of my questions.  My family doesn't exactly have an unending fund for home improvement projects, so I was a bit on edge about the expense.  After my conversation with Mr Hobbs, I felt more confident to learn that the pricing was exceptionally reasonable.  Josh Hobbs kindly took the time to visit with me over the phone and helped me navigate through his incredible website where for one he showed me how to figure out what the installed cost would be. It was so easy, and so surprisingly inexpensive.

Every one of our living windows are a huge problem for us, and some I can't find window blinds for because of the shape of the windows.  Thankfully Mr Hobbs was able to make a solar screen for those shapes.  Josh took his time measuring the three biggest problem windows we have, the  2nd floor living room arched windows.  The screens he custom hand made fit like a glove.  My 2nd floor living room windows are wonderful for letting in natural light, but they significantly contribute to making our living room the hardest room to keep cool.

We decided on the highest density for the 6 living room windows that we solar screened, we decided on the 90% fabric.

The solar screens are installed between the sun and the window, which is a much more effective solution for keeping the room cool. I found out that blinds behind the glass (inside the house) are not as effective at keeping the sun's heat out.  With these solar screens, the windows are 90% shaded.  In less than two weeks, the solar screens were installed and the difference was immediately noticeable.

Where once the couch was warm to the touch and the room was excessively toasty, my family can now enjoy a much more comfortable and cooler room. The screens look dark, but I was amazed at how much light they let into the room and how clearly I can see through them.  The living room is not dark at all like I thought it was going to be, it feels like it's a cloudy day outside, that's all.  The kids can play in the living room, enjoying the cool temperature without having to worry about harmful UV rays penetrating the home. I can finally relax on the couch without rays from the sun beating down on me, and be comfortable. My husband can watch the TV without there being a glare which makes him SUPER happy.  And the best thing, we can all sigh contentedly when we receive the electric bills, not having to worry about exorbitant cooling costs. Solar screens were the best addition for our home, and I would recommend Josh Hobbs as the go-to installer. His expert analysis will help you make the best solar screen decisions for your home.

Solutions to beat the heat for your house donít have to be overpriced or complicated. Solar window screens for your home will help you enjoy what the summer has to offer while keeping your home a cool haven.

Jen & Michael Vilicek
Round Rock TX
August 09, 2012