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In the Austin TX area the Hobbs are your #1 Window Shade Screen installers

"Josh & Paula Hobbs are your WINDOW SHADE EXPERTS
in Austin TX"

Centrally located in Austin, Texas, JoshHobbs.com is a well-recognized company that represents a meticulously handcrafted solar window shade product called solar window screens that are ideal for providing shade for the windows of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. These hand-made sun shades for windows are made from the industries highest quality fabric (the best in the industry), known as Phifer Suntex.  The Phifer Suntex fabric involves an intricate and uniform weave design that contributes to energy efficiency and  spectacular outward views. The sun shade screen fabric is exceptionally strong, and made to last through (hold up to) the intense rays from the Texas sun.  

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Affirmation of Josh Hobbs' highly regarded solar screen services is widely represented online with tons of five star reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

As Austin’s most elite exterior shade screens for windows company the Hobbs strive to present prospective clients with a comprehensive understanding of their knowledgeable and accountable business practices along with subsequent inexpensive costs.  Their JoshHobbs.com Austin Texas Solar Screen Services website offers a complementary sample kit, endless high-resolution representative pictures, informative how they install videos, pricing, in depth questions and answers and 100s of raving reviews all of which promote exceptional customer satisfaction.

the Solar Window Screen Shade Experts in Austin TX, www.JoshHobbs.com

An assortment of solar screen fabric densities (80% and 90%) and frame materials facilitate successful sun blocking management for any given location. Therefore, this thriving Austin TX Texas Solar Window Screen company provides for free a gracious mailed directly to you Austin Solar Screens sample package which includes the following impressive frame and fabric colors: tan-frame, champagne-frame, brown-frame, white-frame, silver-frame, grey-fabric, black-fabric, beige-fabric, chocolate-fabric and stucco-fabric. Each solar screen fabric is available in 80% and 90% densities and clients are encouraged to select colors independently or in conjunction with additional shades. Essentially, the free sample kit they offer enables patrons to select the most desired shades from the range of luxurious residences to prominent commercial buildings.

Along with wide-ranging color shade options, an all-embracing online portfolio of their sunscreens for windows installations are also available. Multiple illustrative pictures are strategically compiled on the company’s website to present the prospective clients with an opportunity to evaluate Josh Hobbs’ exceptional Austin solar screens (window shading) experience and expertise. In addition, an installation videos page is made available through their Videos of How We Install page, that effectively explains the owner’s installation methods. With numerous valuable resources, discerning Austin Texas patrons effortlessly entrust Josh Hobbs with their solar window screens Austin Texas installments.  Read through some of the
300+ austin solar window screen customer reviews they have posted on their website.  Or you can watch some of their customer video testimonials that were submitted to them by (from) their customers, like the following.

You can also watch many more JoshHobbs.com Customer Video Testimonials on YouTube by clicking here
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"Reliability and Accountability for us is imperative, when we tell you we are going to be at your house, you can count on it. When we say we are going to call you, you can count on it.  When we say you will get a great finished product, you can count on us to deliver.
Read through our 100's of online reviews as testimonials."

Josh and Paula
were reliable and professional.

They came when they said they would, delivered their exterior shade screens for windows when they said they would.  We noticed a difference in our
home temperature within 30 minutes after installation and turned our thermostat up a notch.  Our home is completely comfortable.  The sun shades for windows also offer privacy.  We are completely satisfied with the product and the service.  Definitely recommend both!!
M. Nelson  [re: 187]

This is a Bee Cave Austin solar screen installation that we did. We installed well over 40 screens on this customer's home in Bee Cave, Austin Texas. We used a black solar screen fabric with white frame on the left, right and front sides of the house. We used a 90 percent fabric and we used 80 percent fabric on the rest of the home. This home had a great deal of arched windows. Arched window screens are very complicated to make. However, we have been making them, and making them well, for a long time. We are very good at it. Our arched screens fit windows very well. It is very common for us to see installations all over town where we see botched up arched window screens. We commonly see solar screens Austin Texas installs that were made incorrectly for arched windows which saddens us.  Making a good arched solar screen simply put is not a skill that everybody possesses.

Josh Hobbs paramount window shade screen services continue to pioneer the process involving manufacturing exterior sun screens for windows to control heat, fading of furniture, and to help control monthly energy expenses by shielding homes and businesses from the scorching Texas heat.

Great service. 
I love the 90% solar window screens. 
No more glare in the afternoon and a huge heat reduction noticed when touching the indoor window glass when the sun is hitting the solar screen/window directly. 
Best investment for our Austin TX energy savings
[re: 186]

This is a solar window screen Pflugerville TX installation that we did in the Black Hawk Community of Pflugerville, Texas. We installed chocolate solar-screens with white frames. All of these sunscreens for windows are made out of our chocolate 90 percent fabric. This customer only chose these sun blocking window shades for the front, left and right sides of their house.  One of the things that this customer did that I liked is they did put one of our sun blocking window shades on that arched window there over the garage. Many people will try to exclude that window. Purely from an aesthetic standpoint, it would have looked really bad had they left that window uncovered. You can see now that the front of their home looks uniform and consistent, because that window is covered. Also, the solar screen will keep the sun's heat from getting into the attic, which is a huge positive.

JoshHobbs.com's customized, handcrafted Austin shade screens for windows are designed to enhance the comfortableness of clients’ relaxing homes or thriving businesses.

We were really impressed with our overall purchase. 
You guys do a great job of prompt service and really good prices. 
The paying process was easy and the installation was quick. 
Thank you for really caring about service and we will recommend you to everyone we know. 
The Holms Family [re: 183]

This is a solar window screen Austin TX installation we did on a home in the Onion Creek Subdivision, which is in South Austin off of IH‑35. We used a chocolate solar screen fabric with tan frame. On the front of the home, left hand side to the left of the front door, we used our 90 percent fabric. Then we used the 80 percent fabric on the rest of the windows. You'll see there, to the left of the front door, there is an octagon window. Octagon windows are specially priced. On our website, on our pricing page, we have a section that discusses what the pricing is for the octagon windows. We put a sun shade screen on every window of this home to include 28 windows. We did not put shade screens on the back patio of this home, because the back patio they had a sunroom. They did not need exterior solar window screens on the windows of the sunroom. Our chocolate fabric really complimented the exterior brick of this home. While you can't tell by these pictures, the trim going around the house is of a tan color. Therefore, the tan trim that we put around our chocolate solar window screens really looks great.  The color combination really sets the appearance of this Austin solar window screen installation off.

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In a quest for highly satisfied customers, this renowned business maintains unsurpassed products with extremely affordable prices. Visit their PRICING page to see what their installed pricing is for your project. Josh Hobbs made his process simple, the quick online ordering process will ultimately guarantee you reduced electric bill costs and a cooler home environment. Texas residents from surrounding Austin areas like Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Hutto, Manor, Lakeway, Buda, and Kyle will greatly benefit from Josh Hobbs elite and inexpensive solar window screen services.

You can visit JoshHobbs Q&A Page to watch many video like this one, or you can watch some of them via YouTube here.
What's the difference between window film (tint) and solar screens?
What kind of privacy do you get from solar screens?
Will the solar screens make the inside of the house dark?


Thank you for your rapid and expert installation.
It was amazing how much excess light was coming into our house.  You installed the screens within 45 minutes on 17 windows.  What a difference these screens make inside our house. 
Alan and Maddie [re: 182]

This is a Pflugerville solar shade screen installation that we did in Pflugerville, Texas. We used a 90 percent chocolate fabric with champagne frames on every window of this home. This customer had a champagne‑like trim going around the exterior of their home that really tied in well with the champagne frame we used for the sun shade screens.  Also, the brick of this home really works well with the chocolate fabric AND there's some champagne look to the brick that complements the champagne frame around the solar window screens.  We installed 17 sunscreens on this Pflugerville solar window screen installation to include every window of the house, which also includes a back patio door and a little sidelight window there at the front of the house. 

We install our sun shades for windows in the following metro areas around Austin
Manor TX, Round Rock Texas, Pflugerville TX, Kyle Texas, Lakeway TX, Georgetown TX, Leander Texas, Buda TX, Cedar Park Texas and Hutto TX